I’m greatly disappointed that we are not basking in the same beautiful sunshine as we had a couple of weeks ago, however, take this time to indulge in a little ‘you’ time, feeding your mind with this beautiful piece from our glorious range; 

We adore these cabinets, completely and utterly divine in their construction and form with a majestic title to match their superiority and stature in any room. 

The Heston II (so they are named) was developed from our original piece, giving the option of additional storage space which can be fully customised to suit any requirements for you and your home.

The bi-fold doors fold back completely against the sides, the perfect design technique for those who wish to flaunt the exquisite interior whilst keeping the frontage tidy and attractive. An internal flap is supported by a pull-out shelf and the horizontal surfaces of the cabinet are lined in leather. All horizontal surfaces have been finished with Parapan ® as this resilient material can be wiped clean very easily – the perfect space for serving a glass of wine or two!

The second cabinet contains a wine cooler. The ventilation grille complements other similar features along with the Loop handles that have been designed by Black & Key to complement this unusual detail.

We create this particular piece in other dimensions, finishes and interior configurations, to suit a drinks, display, secretaire, wine cooler or TV cabinet.
Let us know your limitations and we can ensure a product that fits.

Works of art needn’t be created by a painter – you have found one right here!

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