Beauty & Bespoke = Black & Key

New furniture can often transform an often tired or dull space in your home. The beauty of bespoke is that it is completely unique to you and you alone. The ‘one of a kind’ nature can be incredibly special and will leave both you and your friends/guests in awe. You will feel a sense of pride towards a piece where you have had design input which can be perfectly integrated with your existing/new interiors.  

There are so many flatpack choices on the market in 2019. This is nothing new but with the age of IKEA appealing to those with a limited budget, flat pack is becoming prominent for an easy yet contemporary style within the home. However, the option of choosing bespoke is becoming just as accessible, both in convenience and budget. After all, what is exhilarating and exciting about a unit or coffee table that thousands of others have integrated into their home?

Here at Black & Key, we are keen to offer a range to suit those with a light or heavy purse. With the help of our new designer Alfie, we are keen to produce beautiful bespoke furniture to the masses, offering a tailored look and feel but without the hefty price tag. Imagine choosing your own custom design (along with our expert advice of course) that will complement your additional interior desires and wishes.

Still not convinced? Let us look at how Black & Key can really make a difference to your space:

1)     Bespoke furniture can fit seamlessly into the smallest, most awkward of spaces that you’ve struggled to utilise previously. Extra storage for these spaces is incredibly useful, as well as creating a room that is both functional and stylish.

2)  Whilst thinking of storage ideas, bespoke options are endless!  You will have full control over the layout of shelving, drawers and racks to suit your individual requirements and taste.

3)    Materials & Finishes – Finding it impossible to get furniture to match? Bespoke furniture can bring your whole room together with matching or complimentary colours, varnishes and materials. Keep your interior design scheme flawless and sophisticated with perfectly co-ordinated pieces.

4)    Price – Additional and reputable branded furniture producers can create beautiful furniture but with a huge profit margin to go with it. Mass made and often widely distributed, you will question how such prices can be justified. With handcrafted bespoke products from B&K, you are certain to be provided with the very best in British craftsmanship. The price needn’t be excessive, but what you receive at the end will truly blow you away!

5)    Service & Aftercare – Have you incurred a problem with your wardrobe? Sofa? Chair? Have you been left on hold for minutes on end? A hefty phone bill? Talking to someone from a call centre thousands of miles away. At Black & Key, our service and aftercare is top notch, with our friendly team based at our main office in Worcestershire. We are on hand to provide guidance on any query without fuss!

With all these benefits, give us a call on 020 7351 7989 or drop us an email at  and see how bespoke furniture could improve your home.

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