Modern v Contemporary

When people talk to us about modern and contemporary design, we are often lead to believe they are the same thing.

The key differentiation between the two is that a modern design refers specifically to the architectural style that was popular between the 1900’s and 1950’s. Yet a contemporary design will refer to a style that is trending in the present time period. You can also distinguish between the two when looking at the architectural lines of both styles. Modern homes will adopt straight, and well-defined angular lines, whereby a contemporary style will often display bold and sweeping curves.

The Creation of Modern Design

Modern designs will reflect the modernist interior design movement of the 20th century. The world had experienced significant change in this century, with the industrial revolution and world wars. The aim of the modernist movement was to develop a brand new cultural norm that was out with the old and in with the new. Trends before this time saw elaborate styles with heavy textures, dark wood tones and carvings. This was to be replaced with minimalism and open spaces.  

Example of modern straight lines with our extendable Vulcan dining table

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design is defined by a style that belongs to the present, reflecting upon the trends that are popular right now. This therefore means that contemporary designs are fluid and ever-changing. The very notion of contemporary design was first evolved during the 1970’s and has stuck ever since. Yet what was considered contemporary in the 1970’s is now positively vintage.

A Contemporary Home Style

A contemporary living space of today will be a calming, light and open space with neutral colour palettes preferred. Curved lines are a key feature with minimalistic furnishings and features, allowing the room to speak for itself. Floors should be carpet-less, using bare vinyl, wood or tile and new age materials are essential, so lots of glass and metals.

Curved lines of a contemporary style with our bespoke banquette

Makes good use of Lighting

Good use of lighting is crucial in creating a contemporary home and directs your focus to key features. Lighting should be utilised to bring attention to statement pieces, reflecting off bright walls to create an open and airy environment. Natural light is also a must with plenty of large, frameless windows, helping to bring nature inside.

What is Modern Style Interior?

Modern design takes inspiration from the international style of architecture that was developed during the 1920s and which continued to evolve during the 1970’s.

Makes use of Straight Lines

A modern styled interior is comprised of clean, straight lines in comparison to a contemporary design which makes use of bold, sweeping and curved lines. Crisp, sharp and bare, modern homes utilise space just like contemporary designs, they have open layouts and natural light.

Which style would you or have you adopted?

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