Storage Hunters

Unless we have the luxury of building our own home or being a dab-hand at DIY, it is often hard to work around the awkward spaces that we inherit. We are often quickly left in a messy and cluttered space which can cause unnecessary stress. Therefore, here at Black and Key, we are keen to aid in your stress relief by providing beautiful and practical pieces for your home that will optimise both space and storage.

  1. Heston Secretaire

The doors, sides and frame of the Heston secretaire are shown in figured walnut laid in diamonds and the internal shelves in figured walnut. The bi-fold doors fold back completely against the sides. An internal flap is supported by a pull out shelf is lined in seal grey leather.

This is great storage as a drinks cabinet or office work station, filling the compartments with stationary, files and folders. This will hugely decrease the cluttered appearance that an office space can conjure.

2. Link Modular Bookcase – Triple

The modular Link cabinet, produced in the UK by our highly skilled craftsmen, consists of one or multiple display and storage sections. The base storage section comprises doors or drawers while the upper section is for display. With a solid back and open sides it appears light and elegant.

Shelves in the top can be in glass or other finishes, depending on span. Individual cabinets can be produced in 50 mm increments from 800 – 1350 mm wide and bespoke heights, and linked together as required. Cable management and double backs with access panels (for instance to affix a TV screen) are also offered. The depth can be adjusted if more storage is required.

The perfect focal point that is both stunning yet practical.

3. Yardley Sideboard

Pictured is a bespoke piece based on our standard Yardley sideboard with radial Macassar doors, Noir feet and Nack handles. This Yardley conceals a large TV screen with a remotely controlled lift mechanism allowing focus to be on the key features within your room, de-cluttering the often garish focal point of the television.

4. Marilyn Ottoman

The Marilyn ottoman offers capacious storage and is lined with Cedar of Lebanon. This timber exudes a delicate fragrance and discourages moths. The ottoman is shown above with a Noir ebonised finish to base and shadow gap.

We can upholster in a leather from our collection, assist with the selection of a suitable fabric or upholster with customer’s own fabric. This is the perfect piece in a bedroom, hallway or living room, to store throws, blankets, towels, linen or even toys and games!

5. Heston Cabinet II

The Heston II was developed from our original piece, giving the option of additional storage space which can be fully customised to suit any requirement.

 The bi-fold doors fold back completely against the sides. An internal flap is supported by a pull-out shelf and the horizontal surfaces of the cabinet are lined in leather. All horizontal surfaces have been finished with Parapan ® as this resilient material can be wiped clean very easily. The second cabinet contains a wine cooler. The ventilation grille complements other similar features in the room, and the Loop handles designed by Black & Key to complement this unusual detail. This is perfect for living room/kitchen storage for drinks, bottles and glasses!

Which storage idea is your favourite?

There are lots of ways to add storage space to a room. If you need some help to increase storage space in your home, we are always happy to discuss this with you.

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