Tidy Home, Tidy Mind

There has been much talk about mindfulness and mental health over recent months and I believe there is be a correlation between your environment and the function and emotional state of your mind.

Your house is considered your haven yet, let’s face it, we all go through stages where items become littered across the home.

Am I right or am I right?

How does this often make you feel?

Yes, I thought so – tired, demotivated, fed up, swamped, out of control?

The benefits of de-cluttering your home can be outstanding:

1) More space

Just through the process of de-cluttering, you will find that you have freed up significantly more space. There may even be areas of your home that you forgot existed. Use your space wisely. New homes in the UK (in particular) are now the smallest in Europe and, whether you live in a new build or an older property, the chances are that the extra space could come in handy. My previous blog on B&K storage options for those of you with limited space, may be useful.

2) The ‘feel-good’ factor

The process of ridding your home of clutter can be incredibly therapeutic, as you’re tackling something you’ve probably put off for quite a while. Improving your physical environment will elevate your mood tenfold, allowing you to regain a sense of control whilst minimising stress.

3) Your loss can be your friend’s gain

The cynics amongst you may think that this is simply moving clutter from your house to someone else’s. Well … either way, giving that unwanted slow cooker to your friend at least gives it a chance of being used, and best of all you look generous and thoughtful. Perhaps, you have some furniture that a friend could up-cycle or re-use. Perhaps it could even mean space for a brand new B&K Ecto table?

4) You can help a worthy cause

Charitable donations are always welcome, and in the process, is allowing you to give something back to your wider community. If you do not think yourself, a friend or a relative is going to use any of your unwanted items, there is definitely a charity shop that will value them.

If you want to take a stand against a cluttered home and achieve success with it, you need to talk tough. Be resolute from the start – tell yourself ‘this is it,’ and you’re taking no prisoners.

Make sure you tackle the process bit by bit. Trying to do too much will put you off and you make a good start but will never finish. The ‘big de-clutter’ is daunting enough as it is. Go for it room by room, bit by bit, working as thoroughly as you can! It will be worth it in the end!

Lastly, don’t get caught in the ‘What if!’. You haven’t used the chair auntie Maude gave you in years. In fact, you don’t even like the thing, but perhaps one sunny summer’s afternoon someday, you’ll take it to an upholsterer or have a go at revamping it yourself. No. Remember, ‘someday never comes’. If you haven’t used something for a very long time, accept that in most cases there’s a reason for that.

Once your decluttering is done, you will feel great – you may even re-evaluate what you need in the home. Perhaps some more storage options, or some new furniture.

Here at Black & Key, we are dedicated to helping you find what you need for your home, crafting it just the way you like it! So, perhaps some time next week, once we have finished basking in the hot weather, we can all jump on the de-cluttering band wagon and look for that next piece of furniture that will fill a newly empty space!

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