Crafted by You

There is a common misconception that premium quality and perhaps bespoke furniture is the domain for the wealthy, for those with a interest or whom are directly associated with the interior trade. The truth of the matter is somewhat different.

Many of our customers have found that by spending a little more time, focus and money to get furniture that not only meets their needs but also their tastes and styles, means that money can be saved in the long run.

By having a say in the way something is made and processed, you create an immediate synergy and long-lasting attachment. You have designed and acquired something that is so intricately in sync with you and your design and colour scheme that is surpasses anything else that you may have purchased in the past and indeed anything you purchase in the future.

Bespoke and special pieces become precious, and are items that is often cherished and passed through generations to come. Made with sturdy hands also mean that there is no need to replace or mend.

Furniture made to order using your own ideas and input will carry a sentimental value that you just will not get elsewhere.

Bespoke console table in figured sycamore, Noir ebonised detailing and polished nickel base. the console has a secret drawer.

At Black and Key, we are honoured to be part of a journey that witnesses an idea go from design draft, concept, build and then in situ. Our UK craftsman will work on pieces to ensure they carry an extra special personal touch that just cannot ever be replicated in mass production. Nothing feels better than a guest complimenting your very own bespoke item, admiring its uniqueness and beauty. Even if it is not to their taste, items from us will always provoke the ‘wow factor’ because it carries something that little bit different.

Often we are asked if a product can be tweaked to incorporate a particular wood, finish or fabric. Most of the times the size needs to be modified so that it fits perfectly within a customer’s intricate design scheme.


We are grossly spoilt in the retail world with a plethora of interior design houses, online homeware shops and even supermarkets dipping their toes into the furniture world. It is therefore easy to question if it is worthwhile going to the extra trouble of considering and requesting bespoke or customized furniture.

It’s certainly possible to curate stunning interior schemes using mass produced furniture, but more often than not, it is the element of individuality that sets a scheme apart. This may be achieved through art, or soft furnishings but customised furniture has the power to add an extra depth of quality and class. Bespoke furniture, customised to meet individual design specifications shows an uncompromising attention to detail! It results in a high end finish that is actually surprisingly achievable for both commercial and residential projects.

An additional benefit is that we work sustainably. If this is something that matters to you, it makes sense to furnish your home with items that stand for the same values as you do.

So what are you waiting for? If we can help with any query or request please contact us – or on (0)20 7351 7989

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