Craft the perfect Guest Room

You do not need a large family home with a designated guest room to offer a memorable stay, warm welcome and bonus host points to friends and family. With just a little thought and creative thinking, a space of any size can accommodate your guests using a range of multi-functional furniture such as storage beds, day beds or sofa beds.

As a guest room is not permanently occupied, it can be easily disregarded when it comes to thinking about soft furnishings and those little touches we pre-occupy ourselves with for spaces that are better utilised. We must not overlook these touches, as these can really make for an impressive and comfortable guest room.

Ensure that you use high quality beddings, adding a variety of throws, blankets and cushions to the mix (because we all love a scatter cushion). Personally, I could quite happily spend all my monthly wage on soft furnishings at Luxdeco. This will rank you higher in both the comfort and aesthetic ranking.

A full-length mirror is an obvious essential for any guest room, allowing your guests to preen and present themselves for any big (or small) occasion.  

Grand Lombard II mirror

It may be that you even wish to include clothing hooks for hats, coats, bags, or ties. When guests are in town for a formal occasion, the more clothing storage, the better!

Take a little inspiration from your favourite boutique hotel, and stock your guest room with all the essential amenities. Ensure you have quality, fresh towels and toiletries. Even if your guest room does not have an en-suite, you won’t fail to impress with trinkets such as this! Plus, this means that people will leave the rummaging of your toiletry cupboard for another day. If you need a little guidance, perhaps opt for the Urban Apothecary toiletries – just divine!

Stock a console table and place a small stack of books and magazines nearby, enticing guests to put their feet up and relax for a few moments.

Frank Console Table

Last but most importantly not least, so that your guests can enjoy endless hours on social media or adding to their Pinterest boards instead of racking up those much-needed snooze hours, ensure you have a handy bedside table ready and waiting along with your wifi password, a lamp and preferably a nearby power socket. Never again will your guests have to crawl around furniture on their hands and knees, hunting for outlets!

Rogers Lamp Table

Enjoy and good luck! You know where we are if you need any additional inspiration.

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