Product Focus – Malden Sideboard

There are so many gorgeous pieces within the Black & Key range, that it is nigh-on impossible to choose a favourite. If I had it my way, I would kit the entirety of my home with the plethora of glamorous sideboards, console tables, and cabinets!

However, I fear that I would get into almighty trouble from my partner, who already adopts a stern glare whenever a new soft or hard furnishing appears in the house. I often take great amusement in how long it takes him to notice in most instances.

This week, I have decided to focus our attention on a divine item within the range; the Malden Sideboard. A fine example of British craftmanship at its very best.

Malden Sideboard

The cabinet carcase and doors of the Malden sideboard are shown here in burr Walnut veneer, although there are multiple materials you can choose from if you so wish. The burr Walnut veneer is a personal favourite of mine.

Varieties of Walnut wood have been used in furniture making for centuries. Walnut veneer in particular was incredibly sought-after and highly priced. This is perhaps why I adore this finish so much. Such a piece emanates luxury, quality and indulgence. Figured Walnut and Burr Walnut (also often referred to as Burl Walnut) were considered the most luxurious and attractive varieties (and we agree to this day!).

Burr Walnut veneer uis taken from the specific part of the tree where ‘growths’ sprouting smaller branches and/ or roots would occur. As these ‘growth’ areas were limited in both occurrence and size, larger veneers were hard to source and often on bigger furniture (tables, desks, bureaus, cabinets etc), these veneers would have to be carefully joined by matching up the pieces or blending them together.

The distinctive wrap-around frame is Raven oak, as is the interior of the cabinet. The door edges are mitered and conceal the carcase edge. Nack handles in Raven oak match the frame. The Raven Oak complements the Burr Walnut veneer, made in a multifaceted shade of black with just the slightest hint of texture on its surface, so to showcase the grain of the timber beneath. This adds a quality dimension to the wood, adding depth and interest, creating a certain sort of character within the timber, ensuring the detail isn’t masked by inky tones. As a result, the two differing wood varieties create a striking and contemporary piece, with a dramatic and sophisticated feel.

Contrast of wood varieties – Burr Walnut Veneer & Raven Oak

As a standard, this cabinet is supplied with two drawers and three adjustable shelves. 

I am still blown away by the detail on these doors – just incredible!

We make this piece in other dimensions, finishes and interior configurations, all of which are hand-made in the UK by our skilled craftsmen.

So, what do you think? Are you blown away by this piece just as much as I am. If so, have one of your own. You will not be disappointed!

Contact our team today!

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