The Meaning of Luxury

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term luxury means:

“A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.”

I feel as though the term ‘luxury’ has been exploited at present, losing its true essence and significance, instead demonstrating a broad interpretation of an often warped perception.

I had always understood the term ‘luxury’ to describe wealth and splendour. We are now seeing a trend of poorly made, cheap goods, labelled as luxury to fool consumers into parting with hard-earned cash, for a well below par product or indeed set of products. We must retain the true essence of the word luxury, seeking quality at all times to reap the benefits that true luxury brings.

I have no doubt in my mind that the nurtured quality, the underlying responsibility to longevity, the design concepts, our experience and the absolute honesty of our hand crafted materials is altogether something luxurious. Our business ethos is to provide the very best in quality and luxury. Support us in our journey to really prove what luxury and quality is!

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