The Last Straw – Straw Marquetry

If you are yet to witness the incredibly art form that is straw marquetry, please do let me introduce you to this highly skilled, and much desired decorative feature.

Petite Lombard mirror

Just take a moment to analyse our Petite Lombard Mirror. On first glance, it may not seem like much, but this piece has undergone painstaking work to look this good.

Straw marquetry is a craft and intricate art form that is similar to that of wood marquetry in terms of its appearance and the methods in which are used. This method was first thought to have been practised in the East, with first examples brought to England during the 17th century.

Personally, I find this art form totally and utterly mesmerising. The sheer time, patience and skill it takes to make something look so impressive and flawless is inspiring. Flat slithers of natural cured straw has their stems split, flattened and softened. This is then moulded and scraped into a flat ribbon. It is then placed, inlaid and secured edge to edge on a surface of either wood, plastic or paper until the area is completely covered.

The entire process of producing an item made with straw marquetry is handmade in our very own Black and Key workshop. Such technique requires practice, skill, patience and a well-developed sense of colour and tone.

To enquire about straw marquetry or any of the finishes we use, please do not hesitate to contact our showroom.

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