Product Focus – Hepburn headboard and bed frame

This glamorous bed-frame in Raven walnut oozes luxuriance and glamour. I can only imagine it’s name was inspired by the most bewitching Hollywood actress of all time, Audrey Hepburn. Both emanate class, majesty and opulence.

The unique nature of what we do, allows you to customise both the headboard and bed frame in fabric of your choosing, allowing you to match this item with your existing decor and furniture. We can, of course, also supply an appropriate fabric after an initial consultation where we would look to discuss the outcome you wish to achieve.

The Hepburn is shown here in a blue satin with French natural antique brass upholstery nails. You can get this very look by pairing with gorgeous neutral soft furnishings, providing an added layer of luxury.

Hepburn headboard and bedframe in situ
Close up of Hepburn headboard

High quality divans and mattress sets, made by a renowned British supplier, are also available for our beds. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the many options we can deliver. Please do note however that divans and mattresses are sold separately.

The Hepburn can be made to any size required, allowing you to fit this beautiful piece into any desired space.

Visual of bed frame and sideboard

Just look at the exquisite detail along the lower panelling of the bed frame. Where else would you witness such precise and divine finery on such an item?

Bed frame detailing

Most veneers and finishes from our collection are available for this piece. To take a look at what we have available, click here and follow the link to our website.

For more information on this any or any of our pieces, please contact us on or give us a call on (0)20 7351 7989

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