Black & Key Update

This month I write not so much a blog, but more a newsletter to share some truly exciting updates with you all!

Christmas Offer

Take advantage of this fantastic and exclusive offer, for delivery in time for Christmas Day!

For the very first time, we are showcasing a special Christmas combination discount if you purchase both our Orson Mirror and Small Garbo Console.

Both items are from our showroom display and will make the perfect Christmas centrepiece. We can provide you with a guarantee that both these items will be with you in time for Christmas Day! Only one each of these remain so make sure you are the lucky individual to get your hands on this exclusive and unique offer!

New Finishes

We have been fortunate enough to work in collaboration with the incredibly talented Simon Orrell.

Simon Orrell Designs have been creating exquisite furniture since 2001 and has become the UK’s leading specialist in shagreen and parchment, whether it’s creating bespoke designs or renovating and recovering original 20th century furniture.

We welcome the following finishes to our very own range:



Other Finishes

New Pieces

We have been working alongside a very talented young designer to create an item of furniture that is unique and quite distinctive to the existing Black & Key range.

We cannot wait to embark on its formal launch in the New Year.

Keep your eyes peeled across all our social media channels, on our website and email communications! It is not something to be missed!

There is plenty going on here at Black and Key HQ – We cannot wait to receive your orders!

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