Dare to be Different

Whether you are an interior designer seeking inspiration for the next project or a homeowner that needs to update a tired looking room, there are so many places to source ideas from these days. Social media apps such as Pinterest are endlessly stuffed with design inspiration. Trusted retailers both on and offline will also feed our imaginations with colour concepts, furniture styles and soft furnishing creativity.

With such volumes of material comes an influx of ideas and this can often trigger the option of commissioning something that is unique to us, that both fulfils a practical and visual desire for our home or interior project.

Bespoke Black & Key TV cabinet in macassar and antique mirror showing the pivot doors open, and folded back against the sides

There is often a misconception that bespoke or customised design is more expensive than opting for something that is ‘off the shelf’. We find for the most part, that a custom-made item is of a comparable cost to a ready made item of the same quality. The only thing that can differ more greatly is the lead time, with custom items often taking up to 12 weeks to design and manufacture, but as with so many things in life its often worth the wait to get what you want!

We are going to look at the advantages of designing bespoke.

Designing bespoke items

The primary reason for choosing to customise or design a bespoke item is of course so that you can have something made to your exact requirements. Despite the huge volumes and variants of suppliers and products in the marketplace, you aren’t always able to find exactly what you want, and you often end up compromising. It may be that the colour isn’t quite right, or the dimensions are too large or too small. When designing for projects and the home, Black & Key will always stress the significance of customisation. If you are looking for a desk to place in your office, we can help you choose the perfect timber, finishes and dimensions so that we can fit the space and tweak the design so it’s absolutely perfect for the scheme.

Black & Key bespoke trundle bed in faux leather with upholstered mattresses

The Bespoke Design Process- From concept to completion

At Black & Key, we are dedicated to serving all our customers and clients to the highest standard. This goes for all our handcrafted products too! When we set out to design something that can be easily customised or we are requested to produce an item that is bespoke, we follow a process to ensure we get the item exactly right for the client and its situation.  Client feedback throughout the entire process is crucial to ensuring the finished piece is right for them.

Once the items are finished, a quality control check is undertaken before they are delivered to their new homes and put into place. When you can experience the entire process from concept to execution, seeing step by step how your furniture has been lovingly crafted over many weeks, is hugely rewarding for everyone involved.

If you are keen on any of our pieces or wish to customise an existing item or request a bespoke item, you can be certain that Black & Key will offer a high quality and professional service for projects throughout the UK and beyond.

Please get in touch with us should you wish to discuss your project, or find out more about our services.

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