The Art of Luxuriance

Here at Black & Key, we are determined to offer you the very best in quality and luxuriance.

That is exactly what we have achieved with our stunning Bongo Table.

Bongo Table shown here with a pair of SCM50 Classic Speakers which have been custom veneered by ATC

Firstly, we would like to thank Andrew Davis for taking the most recent series of photographs, capturing this stunning and highly unique table in all its glory. We love how Andrew has amalgamated both the opulent yet contemporary feel of this piece, allowing it to become an attainable and accessible item for any project or home, without losing its charm and lavishness.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the structure of our Bongo Table. Firstly, the shape and form is truly remarkable, and is not commonplace in the market at present. We feel that such shapes will soon become a popular feature with modern interiors as we start to see the emergence of softer lines and features. 

In terms of materials used, the Bongo Table is made using Burr Walnut, an extremely beautiful and prominent material. Varieties of Walnut wood have been used in furniture making for centuries. Throughout time, Walnut veneer has been incredibly sought-after and highly priced. Such a piece emanates luxury, quality and indulgence. Figured Walnut and Burr Walnut were considered the most luxurious and attractive varieties and we are proud to have this material incorporated into such a rare and extraordinary item. The Antique Brass detailing is a strong blend of copper, zinc and other minor elements. The contrast of Antique Brass against the dark and sultry tones of the Burr Walnut make for a remarkable and exquisite partnership. We think this combination makes for a timeless piece that would make an attractive focal feature in any setting.

The Bongo Table demonstrates our passion for innovation, with all our talented craftsmen keen to showcase their skill and flair. We have never made anything like this before and have been thrilled to design and build such a fantastic and challenging piece.

The Bongo table is shown here with a pair of SCM50 Classic Speakers which have been custom veneered by ATC to match the Bongo.

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